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What is Paparazzi jewelry made of?

The metals found in Paparazzi jewelry pieces are primarily made of iron and include other trace minerals. Those trace minerals are made up of a metallic alloy of either zinc, steel, or aluminum.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic jewelry is still allowed to have trace amounts of nickel and lead. Although Paparazzi Jewelry is not classified as hypoallergenic, it is free of both nickel and lead, which are what most people react to.

Where does Paparazzi Jewelry come from?

All our Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are designed in Hurricane, UT by our design team. The items are manufactured and assembled in China.

Our Corporate design team is very conscious of labor laws and does their best to ensure that the factories that assemble our jewelry are certified for their working conditions and treatment of employees.

What if my jewelry breaks after I've had it for a while?

Our warranty does not include normal wear and tear on jewelry. With that being said, Paparazzi consultants have a jewelry repair kit and may be able to fix your jewelry if it breaks. (please remember that this is not a guarantee, so be sure to check out your consultant’s collection of new items as well!)

What if I don't like my jewelry when it arrives?

If you order a piece of jewelry and don’t care for it when it arrives, you have a few different choices:

  1. Paparazzi Jewelry makes GREAT gifts! Do you have a party or holiday coming up where you might need a gift?
  2. Contact your Paparazzi Jewelry consultant to exchange your item
  3. Return your item

How often do you get new jewelry?

Daily. Paparazzi is constantly adding new items, colors and styles! Recently, some of the New Release items are selling out in as little as 5 minutes! This means that there are TONS of great styles and items for you to choose from everyday!

As a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant, this means that you may or may not be able to re-order items that are available. This also shows you that Paparazzi Accessories are in HIGH DEMAND and are FLYING off the shelves!

Do you have a Paparazzi Accessories catalog?

No, our items come and go so quickly, there isn’t a printer who can keep up with our constantly changing stock.